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Perifocal spectacle lenses - safe multi-factorial influence on myopia
Perifocal spectacle lenses - safe multi-factorial influence on myopia
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International conferences > IMC (Inernational Myopia Conference)
Our first participation in IMC was in 2013. It was in sunny and warm California. We presented the study design of Perifocal spectacles. It was unforgetable and valueable experience to hear all authoritate opinions about our study.
Presenting author
Ibatulin R.A.²
Other authors
Tarutta E.P.¹, Proskurina O.V.¹, Kovychev А.S.², Tarasova N.А.¹, Milash S.V.¹
¹ - Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases, Russia
² - Vision Center «ArtOptika», Moscow, Russia
Spectacle correction with symmetric and asymmetric horizontal progressive addition for nasal and temporal parts of
retina in progressive myopia (study design).

Purpose. To investigate the influence of symmetrical and asymmetrical correction of nasal and temporal relative peripheral hyperopia on axial and peripheral refraction in children with progressive myopia.

Methods. In a prospective parallel-group open-label cohort study 60 children aged 9 - 14 years with progressive myopia from 1 to 6 D cyl to 0,75 D were randomized into four groups for continuous wearing of «Perifocal – M» glasses with addition horizontal: symmetric +2.0D on the nasal (N) and temporal (T) sides (group 1); +2.0D on the nasal side and +1.0D on the temporal side (group 2); +1.0D on the nasal side and +2.0D on the temporal side (group 3); single vision correction without addition (group 4 - control ). Peripheral refraction was studied with Binocular «open-field» Auto Refractor/Keratometer Grand Seiko WR – 5100K with cycloplegia (Cyclopentolate solution 1%) without correction and in glasses «Perifocal – M».

Results. Without correction hyperopic defocus was revealed in 61.5% of the eyes for 15° temporal periphery (T15°) and Т30°, in 46% of the eyes for 15° nasal periphery (N15°) and in 100% of the eyes for N30° (0.11±0.11 D for T15°, 0.02±0.10D for N15°, 0.72±0.28D for Т30°, and 1.53±0.20D for N30°). In glasses «Perifocal – M» myopic defocus was formed in 15°zone (by 0.03±0.10D for T15° and by 0.35±0.16D for N15°) and hyperopic defocus decreased in 30° zone (by 0.10±0.35 D for Т30° and by 0.34±0.07D for N30°). Control examinations will be conducted 0.5, 1 and 2 years continuous wearing of glasses.

Conclusion. The formation of relative peripheral myopia occurred in the specially designed spectacles with a horizontal progression in comparison with a condition without spectacles.
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